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Colorado doulas work to improve maternal health for individuals of color

AURORA, Colo. — For the first several years Birdie Johnson worked as a doula, she worked with an agency that had a thorough resource system: they had a lactation person on call, yoga classes and massage services that she could easily refer people to. But Johnson said that she did not serve a single family […]

Colorado Access: Black Maternal/Infant Health and Mortality

“We want to improve the outcomes for Black birthing health in our community. All birthing persons and their birthing families should feel safe, respected and fully confident in the high quality, culturally responsive care they access and receive. We are committed to taking small steps toward the big changes needed to repair and shift systematically […]

Aurora woman opens maternity wellness spa for black women

AURORA, Colo. — A federal report shows that there’s been a slight uptick of women dying in childbirth in recent years in the U.S. The numbers are shockingly high in one community: Black women are dying in childbirth at a rate three times the rate of white women. That’s why an Aurora woman says she’s […]

Tips when your baby won’t breastfeed

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