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We believe that in order to provide the most effective services,
we must be both therapeutic and relaxing.

If someone would’ve told me that by twenty years old I’d establish myself as a full spectrum Doula, helping to bridge the trust between my client and their medical providers, coupled with full emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual support; and speaking out for maternal justice an accessible maternal health for the queer, and BIPOC community, I would’ve one hundred percent believed them because that’s always been my character. For the past five years and counting, I’ve been working as a postpartum Doula, which I started to get involved with through being a nanny. Helping parents to breastfeed, staying overnights to fully take care of the infant to allow them to rest, helping around the house, helping out parents who’d just had c-sections, you name it. However, I was fully unaware of what a Doula was and had never even heard of the word. 

It wouldn’t be until 2020, during an ancestral honoring session, that the word “Doula” even popped into my head. I immediately researched everything to do with a “Doula” and felt an instant connection. Within the same hour of doing research, a follower of mine on Instagram had posted that they just signed up for a Doula training with the National Black Doula Association. I took it as a continual sign from my ancestors and signed up for an official Doula training course. It was only after that it made sense of the importance of my role as a full spectrum Doula. I’ve since started my own Doula business called “Simple Doula” and have been attending births, and continuing postpartum care for families, while also still Nannying on the side. I plan to further my maternal education and role as a Nurse Midwife and am finishing up my pre-courses at the moment. I’m an avid traveler who speaks fluent English, some French, and some Spanish, and loves anthropology, while also studying the many cultures the world has to offer. I’m currently working on visiting every country in the world. 

Gaubriella Miller

Iyonna Davis

Iyonna has been a doula since 2002. Having helped deliver a baby at 12 years old, Iyonna knew being a doula was her calling! She has a passion for helping moms care for themselves so that they can care for their new arrival. She also teaches new families how to adjust to a new baby or babies in the house.

Known for her kindness, patience, and soothing presence, Iyonna has a way of creating a balanced energy in every situation and many feed off her energy. One leader said, Iyonna is brilliant in the way she treats people. She is so kind, never letting anything bother her and always has a smile on her face”.

Providing education in body change, as well as confidence in managing through it all, Iyonna instills trust and comfort in each mother. She is bold and passionate in her work and loves a good challenge and is a team player. This has been affirmed by receiving an award called Daughters of America, presented by Hilary Clinton. This award, based on teamwork and showing up for others, resembles many of the tremendous qualities of Iyonna, talent and collaborative nature

Her values – integrity, kindness, patient, passionate and authenticity drive her work and interaction with everyone she meets. You will experience Iyonna’s nurturing spirit upon introduction. 

I am a Denver native, massage therapist, and certified birth doula who aims to bring holistic health and wellness to the forefront of the community.

I offer services in-home, during special events, and at Mama Bird Maternity Wellness Center in Aurora, Colorado.

I have been a licensed massage therapist for over 5 years and love bringing healing to those around her and using touch to facilitate that in mind, body, and spirit. I hope to eventually become a midwife, but until then I am excited to be pulled in whatever direction is within my purpose around black maternal health and overall health within the community.  

Jahala Walker (LMT)

Imaan Watts

(CD Dona)

Jannah Farooque

Maraia Burton

Nadiyah Grace

Rosalyn Washington









Mama Bird values health & wellness over all else

We also know and understand that being authentic in this work is essential for building genuine connections. Our unique cultural experience was created by several providers with expertise in different areas combined to make this a one-of-a-kind session. Every session has been hand-crafted to ensure the highest quality with the most effective results. 

Our providers are provided with a healthy, loving work environment and the tools needed to focus on every client’s specific needs. With the time to pay attention to you, every experience will be your best, and the goal is to make every person that walks into Mama Bird feel connected, seen and heard.   

Feel Connected, Seen And Heard


Mama Bird Maternity Wellness Owner and Mama Bird Doula Services Executive Director

Denver native Birdie began her healing journey when she graduated from massage therapy school in 2010 after discovering she had a passion for working on and with pregnant women.

Shortly after completing massage therapy school, Birdie began her journey into the doula world. She felt called to serve as a full Spectrum Birth and Postpartum Doula which allowed her to support families from beginning to end.

Through this work, she discovered a void and lack of resources within the BIPOC community and set out on a mission to create resources that would support families of color which incorporated not only health and wellness but also help establish and maintain self-care routines.

Birdie’s goal has been realized through the establishment of Mama Bird Maternity Wellness Spa and as the Executive Director of her nonprofit, Mama Bird Doula Services. Her passion for supporting women and families on this journey is evident in the families she works with and the doulas she mentors within her organizations. Her work supports her commitment to providing practical tools and soulful guidance for people to improve their physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness.