Doula Services



Being home with your baby after hospital discharge is a time fraught with mixed emotions. The unneasiness you feel is only trumped by the abundance of excitement and adoration. Still, breastfeeding a newborn can perplex even the most masterful of mamas! Together, we can decipher and correct any underlying complication(s). You and your baby will then enjoy the infinitely healthy, beautiful bond that breastfeeding bestows, so you can spend your precious energy getting to know and enjoying your precious new addition. 


From the beginning of time, women have been cared for and nurtured as they became mothers. While today it’s rarely mothers, aunts and sisters who accompany their birth, doulas have taken over this role. A doula is a childbirth expert who you’d decide to hire 4-6 months before your due date. She will guide you through your pregnancy, be available for questions, referrals, the making of decisions, how to prepare for birth and post partum, creating a birth plan and generally make you feel safe and prepared during this exciting time. Doula-support during labor and birth has statistically significant benefits. Doula-supported births have 40% fewer csections, less pain medications needed, less pitocin needed, a healthier baby, 13% less transportation to NICU needed and a better birth experience.